Saturday, July 28, 2012

I am Cathy Samardza and I'm asking the citizens of the fifteenth senatorial district in Kent County Delaware to elect me as their Senator to represent them in Dover. 

A lifelong independent voter, I have sought and accepted the nomination of the Independent Party of Delaware. My motivations are straightforward:  We elect our Senators to take a stand and vote on the issues before them in the best interest of our district. We do not elect them to sit mute and not vote on issues before them. We do not elect our senators to ignore constituent concerns and only concentrate on their pet issues.

I am running for office because I have been unhappy with both parties and my elected officials.  Elected officials who abrogate their responsibility by refusing to vote are not doing the job we elected them to do.  Elected officials who do not respond or acknowledge calls or e-mails from constituents are forgetting who "hired" them.

My work experience has been varied, and I believe that diversity has given me necessary skills.  That experience includes:

        Administrative aide for New York City Police Department, Central Park Precinct, Captain's Clerical
        Secretary for 2 vice presidents of an international architectural firm in NYC
        Administrative Secretary for the Director of  the Division of Planning,  DE Department of
        Executive Secretary for the Dover/Kent County Metropolitan Planning Organization

        Dance educator, performer and choreographer, including published written work, awards and
                        professional memberships

My administrative experience has given me the ability to read documents comprehensively.  My dance experience has taught me to process information quickly, and how to explain complex issues simply.

I believe that service brings with it a responsibility to do what is best - for the district, county or state - but as an individual we always have the responsibility to do what is right.

If elected, I cannot promise that I will always be able to resolve an issue brought to my attention, but I can promise to look into any situation brought to me by a constituent.